Monday, June 27, 2016

2016 Gala Committe

We are so excited to welcome our 2016 Gala Committee! Thank you for your time and energy to make this year's gala the most successful yet. Our Refrigerator Art Auction & Gala is our premier fundraising event. Proceeds from our gala support our enrichment programming and foreign language education and supply needs at our school. To find out more about our event, click here.

2016 Gala Committee

  13th Annual Refrigerator Art Auction & Gala
Blythe Craft (Uptown/Camp)
Brandon Ferguson (Westbank/Olivier)
Elena Countiss (Uptown/Camp)
Emily Thomas (CMO)
Dr. Erica Murray (Westbank/Olivier)
Holly Baker (Jefferson/Bunche)
Jessica Pedalino (Jefferson/Bunche)
Julie Gills (Jefferson/Bunche)
Leila Rodriguez (Community)
Lindsay Foret (Jefferson/Bunche)
Lucia Hammer (Uptown/Camp)
Melissa Montero (Uptown/Camp)
Rachael Swanson (Jefferson/Bunche)

Santiago Martin (Jefferson/Bunche)

Shannon Saavedra Apostol (Community)
Tiffani Brown-Banks (Uptown/Camp)
Urtzi Cosgaya (Jefferson/Bunche)
Wendy Pineda-Welch (Jefferson/Bunche)
Wendy Wiltz (Jefferson/Bunche)

Gala Volunteers:

Andy Baker (Jefferson/Bunche)
Karla Marcello (Jefferson/Bunche)
Charles Young (Jefferson/Bunche)  
Shannon Fazande (Uptown/Camp)

Want to get involved? 
Volunteering is a wonderful way to get involved, get to know your ISL community better, and make a direct and tangible difference at our school through its programming. To find out more about fundraising at ISL and the way your donations impact our programming, please click here.

Here are some ways you can help:

  • Pre-Event:
    • Distribute Gala Material at campus meeting
    • Refer a business for an item donation or sponsorship
    • Donate a fridge door
    • Help with Auction Item Pick Up
    • Help with Auction Item Packaging at our office
    • Help us label Silent Auction packages for the Gala
  • Day of Event:
    • Food Pick Up and Drop off at venue
    • Flower Pick Up and Drop off at venue
    • Fridge Art Auction Set Up- Event Day Art Installation
    • Sell Raffle Tickets at the Gala
  • Any volunteer working 8 volunteer hours directly with the Department of Institutional Development (including 2 hours for on the morning of the Gala for set up, 2 hours during the Gala, and at least 4 hours pre-event) will receive a complimentary ticket to the Gala. Contact 504-229-4375 for additional questions or to sign up as a Gala Volunteer

For more information, visit our Volunteer Corner by clicking HERE.

Refrigerator Doors

We want old refrigerator doors! Local artists recycle old fridge doors into pieces of art for our Fridge Art Auction.

If you or anyone you know has a fridge door your could donate, let us know! We want the door! We will accept any style, color, or type.

You can call 504.229.4375 or email us with any questions. 

Monday, June 20, 2016

We invite you to join our Committee!

It's our 13th Annual Refrigerator Art Auction & Gala and we need your help!
Join our committee and help us make this another unforgettable night!
Inspired by “Carmen,”  French novel set in 1830’s Seville, 
Spain and Bizet's masterpiece- one of the most popular western operas, our Gala will be brought to life through live performances, music, dancing, food, and much more on this incredible evening! 
Interested in joining the committee or volunteering? Please send us an email or call 504.229.4375 by June 22, 2016. We will schedule only two planning meetings as a group, one in July 2016 and one in September 2016. Dates and information will be sent to the committee members once our committee is confirmed. We will announce our 2016 Gala Committee on June 27, 2016 and kick off the planning!

Gracias ~ Merci ~XieXie

Karla Marie Cochran
Director of Communications & Development

Megan Anderson
Development Representative

(504) 229-4375
Facebook: InternationalSchoolofLouisiana
Twitter: @ISLnola

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Save the Date: 13th Annual Refrigerator Art & Auction

We can't believe it is that time of year again when we start to prepare for our Gala! It is always an amazing evening full of wonderful performances, incredible food, music, and fun.

We invite you to join us again this year at our Fridge Art Gala 
Inspired by “Carmen,”  French novel set in 1830’s Seville, 
Spain and Bizet's masterpiece- one of the most popular 
western operas, our Gala will be brought to life through 
live performances, music, dancing, food, and much more
on this incredible evening! It’s not to be missed!

Save the Date:
Saturday, October 1, 2016

Join us at our Fridge Art Gala!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Thank you parents for ALL of the teacher ticket donations!
The teachers and staff had a great time. They very grateful for all the money that was raised for them!

Adele Hunt
Adrain Ford
Aimee & Stephen Hebert
Alan & Claudia de Brito
AleHoracio Ramirez
Aleira Flores
Alessandro & Misty Rosiglioni
Alex Lambert
Allana Williams
Allerin Mora
Amanda Hurlston
Amanda Stephens LaBella
Amber White
Amy Tujague
Ana Kanellos Commagere
Andrew & Daniela Marx
Angel Tutt
Angela Carr
Angelique Cooper
Annette Morell
Arnold & Kelly Zea
Ashley Errington
Ashley Errington
Ashley Lawson
Ashley Rogers
Atawran Sislo
Azucena Orozco
Bennet Bravo
Bernard Langlois
Brandie Aucoin
Brenda Levia
Brenton & Cynthia Rodriguez
Brian Adams
Bunche Students
Carl Lazarone
Carlos Ramirez
Chalaine Celestain
Chantelle Washington
Cheryl Gerber
Claudia & Jason Ginty
Claudia Copeland
Claudia Copeland
Claudia Santillais
Clay Bryant
Corinne Seymore
Damaris Pinto
Daniela Brnaut
Daniela Ellis
Danielle Robinson
Darryl & Priscila DeMaris
Daryl Pfeiy
David & Jeannot Plessy
David Sullivan & Courtney Egan
Dax & Amina Braud
Deborah Chepolis
Denise Washington
D'Neitha Heyward
D'Neitha Heyward
Donald Jones
Dress Down Day
Elder & Cristhel Fernandez
Elizabeth & Gabriel Nazar
Elizabeth Winkler-Schmit
Erika Hand
Erika Lewis
Ernesfina Ramirez
Estilette Family
Fatima & Candelario Cruz
Florydalma Nabarro
Florydalma Nabarro
Francisco & Michelle Gutierrez
Freda Smith
George & Cherise Coto
Gina Acosta
Gionne Jourdan
Gregory Chiles
Gumora Sargulova
Heidi Hammond
Henry Trevigne, JR
Hernando & Carol Gonzales
Holly Baker
Holly Brossett
Holly Brossett
Jahuey & Suyapa Rivera
James Leathem & Rossana Brazzini
James Welch & Wendy Pineda-Welch
Janeed Weston
Janelle Mejia
Jannie Jones
Jason Bosley
Jeanne Capella
Jeanne Peres
Jeffery Crane
Jeffrey Griffin, M.D.
Jennifer & Michael Morgan
Jennifer & Norlin Gutierrez
Jessica D. Walther
Jilma Bui
Jonique Martin Hall
Jose & Alea Cot
Joseph Margin
Joseph Margin II
Julie & James Gillis
Julie Coker
Julie Coloer
Justin & Marcia Grover
Kaisha Lymon
Kantra Scott
Karla Marcello
Karol Maldonado & Kasim Silahic
Kelley Williams
Kelly Maldonado
Kelly Williams
Kenneth & Renee Auzenne
Kerrie Harris
Kerry Lewis
Kim & Paul Irons
Kimberly Cothran
Kristina Scott
Kristina Scott
Leah & Derrick Martin
Leslie & Joseph Bouie
Leslie Curiel
Lynda & Joseph Keating
M.F. Ales
M.W. Fandino
Maple & Richard Biggs
Maria Miranda
Marie Suazo
Mark & Leslie Schutt
Mary Ann Jacobs
Maximiliano Correa
Melanie Buras
Melanie Tennyson
Michael Kaes & Shawna Castell
Michael Lambert
Michael Oney
Michael Treadway
Miki Fuji
Missy Feeny
Mitrell Osirio & Andrew Miller
Mordecai Pofash
Nancy & Sage Maas
Nancy Hernandez
Nataliya & Mykola Udych
Nicole Armstead
Noelle & Richard Fonseca
Nolvia Ardon
Phaiora & Hanan Browning
Rachel Reeves
Rachel Weathers
Raina O'Neil
Randy & Jade Ledet
Rebecca Hinojosa
Rhymi Grant
Richard & Alexis Guthrie
Robert Heffker
Rocquelle Robins
Rosa Zajur
Roshundal Collins
Roxsand M. Baptiste
Rozsand Baptiste
Ruth Hedrick
Rydcee Santiago
Sage & Nancy Maas
Samanta Amedee
Samuel & Kathey Kranzthor
Sanchez Family
Santa Rosa DeArmas
Sarah Inman
Sharon Foster
Shereka Ceazer
Stacey Miller
Stephanie Cao & Marvin Ferguson
Stephanie Franco
Stephanie Paz
Sury Gonzalez
Tamara Warren
Tarsha Davis
Tearea Bernard
Tiffani Banks
Tiffany Bobadillo
Tiffany Okeneke
Tiffany Patrick
Tiger & Megan Chaplain
Tiombi Hinton
Toni Lamerson
Tracy Buccino
Tyroa Butler
Valerie Uccellani & Christopher Edwards
Vicotoria Bui
Victoria Buccino
Viviene Bishop
Wendy Wiltz
Whitney Warren
William & Holly Barahona
Yahia Benslimane
Yaneri Soldina
Yolanda Miller


THANK YOU for coming our 12th Annual Gala! We hope everyone had a great time!
Want to see pictures from the gala? 

Thursday, August 27, 2015